Pastoral Mentoring & Coaching

Pastoral Mentoring & CoachingEvery pastor deserves to have a mentor or coach.

The congregation can be a difficult and lonely place in which to work. Individuals in the care of the pastor look to her/him to have their needs met.  But where does the pastor turn?  Natural mentors such as family members, friends, and judicatory leaders are very helpful and crucial but also limited.

A mentor/coach provides a safe and confidential environment for pastors to “think out loud” and to “follow their thoughts to the end.”  Mentoring by its very nature is non judgmental while providing tangible support.

Mentoring/coaching can be helpful for “seasoned” or new pastors when they experience

  • change in their professional life;
  • face congregational issues that leave them uncomfortable and questioning;
  • desire a reliable sounding board;
  • the isolation of  parish ministry; or when they
  • wrestle with vocational issues and/or family relational issues and need confidential, impartial feedback

If any of the above rings a bell for you, Leading2Legacy can confidentially help you determine what mentoring/coaching can mean for you and, if desired, help you connect with this resource.  Please click here and begin the exploration toward finding solid support for yourself and your ministry.