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Church Leadership RetreatsSchedule a retreat for your congregation’s leadership team that has action at its core.  Successful action plans for the coming year have several key ingredients:

  • addresses an urgent need
  • can be easily communicated
  • offers a measurable solution.

Your leadership team knows the urgent pains and concerns facing your congregation.  They also have concrete hopes and dreams as well as remembrances of significant celebrations.  The challenge is how to honor the celebrations (lift up what has worked well in the past) identify the pains and challenges (honestly address what needs “fixing”now), and put energy into the hopes and dreams of the future (planning for how things could be).

Here’s how a leadership retreat can work for you.  Approximately a month before the retreat day leadership (all attending the Retreat) fill out three different colored cards with three items on each.  The first card lists three celebrations, the second three pains or concerns, and the third three hopes and dreams.  NO ONE SIGNS THEIR CARDS and the cards are confidentially gathered and given to the Retreat leader, not to anyone in the congregation.  Not signing the cards encourages honesty in the identification of pains/concerns, the key factor in healthy action planning for the future.  The card process also identifies the celebrations (strengths) and hopes and dreams held in common by the leadership team and probably the entire congregation.

On the Retreat day the following will be addressed: how anxiety works within the congregation, marks of a healthy congregation, and how effective leaders, through their presence and functioning, lead in anxious times.  The information gathered on the cards will be shared and by processing this information leadership will be led to develop an action plan that addresses urgent needs, is able to be communicated to the congregation, and can be measured.

If you are interested in how this could work for you, please click here for more details.

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