Healthy Congregations Workshop

Healthy Congregations WorkshopsThe best time to fix a roof is when it is not raining.

The best time to address issues surrounding change and potential conflict in your congregation is when it is relatively healthy.  How can you do that? Through education.

Every congregation is challenged by change.  How change and the conflicts change can produce effect your congregation depends on the maturity level of your leaders. Healthy Congregations materials are geared for healthy people, to help good church leaders become even more effective in their leadership.   How can this happen?

Most congregations will send one or two of their leaders–pastor, program leaders–to participate in a Healthy Congregations Workshop.  This a 12-15 hour experience uses videos, case studies, workbooks, and discussion, with in participants becoming trained to use this information within their congregation. They they will learn how to protect and enhance their own health and influence the health of the whole congregation.

The Healthy Congregations Workshop manual is broken into six sessions.  The material presented in these sessions is packed full of useful skills enabling congregational leaders to:

  • Gain a renewed sense of purpose and mission
  • Cultivate stronger leadership capabilities
  • Develop healthier patterns of living together in community
  • Boost confidence in responding to challenges and opportunities
  • Lead with calm thoughtfulness
  • Reflect theologically about relationships
  • Move the congregation toward healthier functioning

This workshop introduces a way of creating and sustaining a healthy congregation where:

  • Leaders promote health through their presence and functioning instead of techniques or skills
  • Leaders challenge people instead of only comforting
  • Leaders provide immune capacities instead of enabling disease processes