Intervention Process

There are six parts in the Bridgebuilder Intervention Process Design:

1. Entry

During the Entry part of the process the needs and expectations of the congregation are discovered, the process is introduced, readiness to do the Process is mutually determined, and boundaries and responsibilities (time, cost, and assignments) are clarified.

2. Learning Event

After the Entry meeting, and with a Letter of Agreement completed, a date is set with the congregation for a Learning event. There are three parts to the Learning event:

i.   Conceptualizing the emotional processes and illustrating how these processes affect change in the congregation,

ii.  completing personal response forms, and

iii. a “town hall” type meeting of the congregation for members to express themselves publicly.

3. Interviews

Usually all staff and 10 selected people from the general membership and 10 elected or appointed leaders of the congregation are interviewed.  These brief 15 minute interviews are for gathering information  to determine what’s happening, what relationships are being affected, the dilemmas/opportunities that change brings, and what strengths/resources are available.

4. Feedback

Using relevant data from documents, response forms, recorder’s sheeting from the town hall meeting, and the interviews, a written report is distributed to the members of the congregation.  This report highlights relevant data about the emotional processes in the congregation, presents an objective view of the emotional process, provides input for the Action planning process, and challenges the congregation.

5. Action Planning

The congregation is challenged to shape its future, to channel its destiny in ways that ease its tensions, and to employ its own healing capacities.  The Action Planning team provides a means through which the congregation supplies its own healing, works with the leaders of the congregation to affect the emotional field, helps to shift the emotional system from reactivity to response, and redirects the congregational focus from pathology to new directions.

6. Aftercare

After the Action Planning Team has had time to do their work the congregation meets again to hear their report.  This is a time to share information about what tasks, responsibilities, and timetables are needed for the congregation to move toward its new future.

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