The Tongue

Our tongues are like a door, a  two edged sword

Doors open and close
silently or screeching
moving on command.

They stand between
Likes and unlikes
Depending where they are found.

34,000 miles above or 5 miles below
They open to enter or exit
Intended to defeat destruction.

Large or small–
River’s locks to heirloom lockets–
Holding water back and memories within

They release or hold in
Open up and keep out
Driven by desire, need, or force.

Doors expose or conceal
Protect or unmask
Comfort or sound alarms,

Not unlike our tongue
Used to love or destroy
To lift up or hold away.

Gifted to be in ministry
What and how we speak
Brings ruin or blessing.

Privileged to hear but
Often conscripted to silence
We tension sharing or not.

What moves the hinges of our tongue
Releasing or holding in
What we know and feel?

Our sense of self
Formed with Creator’s grace
Mixed with love for others.

Doors of our tongues can
Fail to hold back inner pain
Exposed by other’s words or deeds,

Swinging open in reaction
They release hostile words
Bred and nurtured within,

Exposing our unfinished tasks
Or challenging hidden crevices
Harboring genetic fears.

Or our tongue door remains closed
Failing to give voice for the voiceless
Fearing opposition’s response,

Driven by happenings young in life
Or in yesterday’s collision, we opt for
Silence, the choice of fear.

The Creator’s intent encourages
Speech or silence governed by choice
Aimed at healing for all.

A door opening to new life
Allowing truth’s light to cross
Thresholds of relationships

Bringing salve to wounds
Celebration to joys
Verbal embrace to grief.

Or, a door closed in honor
Of secret shared
Vulnerabilities expressed.

Holding in the treasure
Cautiously given in hope
By parallel travelers in life

Teach me Lord
To swing open or not
Based on other’s need

Coupled with my desire
To love and be loved
By You

© J. Tews February 19, 2013